How To Get A Good Nights Sleep

Please Tell Me How To Get A Good Nights Sleep!

It is a question on many people’s lips and in their minds; how on earth can I get a good night’s sleep?

Trouble with getting to sleep or actually staying asleep is a massive problem. The surrounding issues are many and varied.

You lack that ‘get up and go’ as you constantly feel tired. Your family and social life suffer, and when it comes to the work environment things are far more challenging than they should be.

Here are just 2 things you should do to help get the sleep you so need. We will also touch on an all-natural solution that is not only highly popular, but also works effectively and comes without any unwanted side-effects.

Cut back on the caffeine

The vast majority of us love our caffeine-hit on a daily basis. Coffee and soda are the major source of this. The problem is caffeine is a stimulant. To help get yourself off to sleep avoid drinking anything containing caffeine from late afternoon onwards.

The reason for saying this is that if you continue to drink caffeine-filled drinks in the early evening, or before you go to bed your mind will be ‘buzzing’. This is the last thing you want when you are looking at how to get a good nights sleep.

So, cut back on your caffeine intake and increase your water and fresh-fruit juice consumption.

Don’t use alcohol as a sleep inducer!

While alcohol is a sedative you would be mistaken if you think drinking to excess will give you a good night’s sleep.

In all likelihood you will fall asleep quickly; however this is not deep, quality sleep. You will also probably awake several times during the night to use the bathroom. This is another unwanted interruption to your sleeping pattern.

When you add to this the hangover effect the following morning this really is not the way to go.

Use an all-natural sleep supplement

A good quality all-natural sleep supplement will work effectively and naturally to give you the sleep you are searching for. When used regularly you will find it helps relax your body and works with your serotonin levels to help you get sufficient sleep.

This will leave you feeling far more relaxed the following day, and ready to face any of those challenges life throws at you.


Is lemonade diet effective for weight loss

Many people struggling with weight loss ask a lot of questions on what they can do to shed off the extra calories in their bodies. Some may think of exercises (physical activities) and lifestyle changes which may include diet among other aspects. In respect to food (diet), the question is, is lemonade diet effective for weight loss? The answer is yes as explained below.

Calorie intake

Lemonade diet is deficient of many calories. This therefore means that upon use of this diet, the body will not receive extra or excess calories which are later converted into adipose tissues (fats). This will compel the body to utilize the stored adipose tissues in the body in order to meet the recommended daily energy requirements. If this is done for two to three weeks, you will find that one has shed a lot of calories leading to weight loss. This is because of imbalances between calorie input and calorie output.

Lemonade diet encourages vegetable consumption. Vegetables are rich in soluble fiber which plays a fundamental role in weight loss. Since vegetables are bulky, one will not feel hungry quickly after their consumption. Because of this, food intake will tremendously be reduced hence a decline in the total calories which are getting into the body. When the level of calories getting into the body decline; the body will be forced to use the stored fats in the body in order to support its normal function. When this happens, fats are burned down to provide energy and this will drastically reduce them. This will reduce the overall body mass of an individual.

Low fat intake; this is another important aspect when focusing on lemonade diet. Fats when consumed and especially saturated fats, they tend to encourage weight gain. The diet emphasizes on the consumption of unsaturated fats which in one way or another encourage weight loss. Some mono unsaturated fats are known to facilitate the breakdown of fats in the body and this finally contributes to weight loss – check for more details.

Water; this is another integral component when considering lemonade diet. Water as a solvent plays a fundamental role in weight loss. This is because water promotes the breakdown of fats in the body in a process referred to as lipolysis. The more the weight (fats), the more the amount of water that is required in order to have an efficient and effective weight loss programme with this diet.

In conclusion therefore, if lemonade diet is carefully followed for about two weeks, you will lose good amount of fat.

How is Bee Pollen Made

How is Bee Pollen Made? The Truth Behind One of the Most Nutritious Supplements in the World

Let’s face it. Bees are fascinating to watch, and at one time or another we have all wondered how they go about making pollen, honey, and the other nutritious by-products that we can get from their efforts.

When it comes to pollen though, the bees have it easy because they really don’t have to make it, but they simply gather it.

Flowers automatically manufacture pollen for the purpose of reproduction…

…so how is bee pollen made?

What Makes Pollen, “Bee Pollen”?

We already know that flowers generate pollen for the sake of reproduction, so what turns it into bee pollen?

The process that pollen goes through to become bee pollen isn’t complicated but it is a process that should be understood. When pollen is collected from the flowers, the bees may get it stuck to their body, because they have tiny little hairs everywhere on their body.

The bees generally store this pollen in tiny baskets on their legs in order to carry it back to their hive. In the course of passing the pollen from their front legs to their back legs the tiny hairs brush and clean the pollen so that any debris is knocked loose, leaving just clean pollen granules.

The bees then mix their nectar or saliva with the pollen to clean it and bind it, which in turn creates what we see as pollen granules.

These granules appear to be more solid, and are what we see when we purchase bee pollen granules in air tight containers or bags. They appear to be golden in color, but upon looking at them more closely they often appear to be multi-colored. This is because pollen can be collected from a number of different plants and flowers, and each of them has a different color of pollen.

From the Hive to the Manufacturer

Getting bee pollen from the hive into the manufacturing plant is a little trick but not impossible, and as we know people do it every single day with no problem. However, there is a method by which bee keepers are able to get the pollen from the hive and into their manufacturing plant.

The easiest way to do this, and the most commonly used method is by creating route in which the bees can fly, and along the way, they will lose pollen from their legs as they fly up into the hive.

Generally, beekeepers set this up so that they can separate this trap door area from where the hive is in order to protect themselves. Wearing protective garb is always wise, but going in to get the pollen is the only way to collect it once it has fallen into the proper area.

Once it has been gathered up it can be taken to the right place to be manufactured into bee pollen granules, capsules, or even chewable tablets. This is where your complete source of nutrition begins!

How Xtend-Life Makes Bee Pollen

While I can’t speak for every manufacturer out there, I can certainly speak for Xtend-Life because this is the brand I choose to use on a daily basis. Xtend-Life produces the most pure form of bee pollen available, and much of that has to do with the fact that it is gathered and manufactured in the country of New Zealand.

The pollen is gathered here because there is virtually no pollution, and the use of pesticides is prohibited in New Zealand. Other brands of bee pollen that are sold in the United States and other high industry countries could be loaded with these contaminants, so be sure to check out where the pollen is gathered and manufactured.

When the pollen is harvested, it is then frozen to preserve it. The pollen is then taken down to a powder form in which it is then blended with natural enzymes to help make it easier to digest and keep it clean and fresh.

Once the pollen and trace enzymes have been blended together it is then sealed air tight for 5 days before it is taken out to be put into capsules.

Don’t You Want the Best?  

If you want the absolute best when it comes to your health and wellness, bee pollen probably has more to offer you than any other nutritional supplement. By now you have probably figured this out, but only you can take that step. Xtend-Life is the best bee pollen available, and those who have tried it can attest to its healing properties.

We all think that bees are fascinating to watch, but in all the speed by which they move do we really understand how bee pollen is actually made?

Pollen is automatically manufactured by flowers, but bees gather it and mix it with their nectar to create pollen granules.

Xtend-Life makes bee pollen capsules by mixing the pollen with digestive enzymes in order to create a more healthful way of taking bee pollen. Bee pollen is known to have many benefits and one of them including the skin. For those looking for skin products, check out facial mole removal here.

This is how high quality bee pollen is made; won’t you choose Xtend-Life?

Are Testosterone Boosters Harmful

Too much of a good thing is still bad, that is how the word of wisdom goes, and it practically applies to almost anything, including of course the use of these testosterone boosters. You have heard about it probably, especially if you are a male who is interested in body building, or simply working out to build your muscles into that god-like form that makes females take a look back at your body each time. They are in advertisements in TV each time, and when you look at your home shopping network channel, chances are there are testosterone boosters being sold in that avenue too. We cannot avoid it that men are obsessed with muscle building because this is what makes them feel confident about their bodies, much like slimming pills are for women.

The thing is that testosterone boosters can both be effective and harmful, depending of course on how you use it. If you are someone who simply wants to bulk up fast with the proper muscles in your body, then using these testosterone boosters can really help you. But as per the statement above, using too much of it and abusing it will lead to problems. These boosters are also known to be linked to liver, kidney and heart problems if not used properly, so be warned as early as now. There are also body builders whose health have deteriorated fast because these are like anabolic steroids which will have a long term side effect if used for a very long time.

However, not all the effects of these testosterone boosters are negative. In cases, it is useful and not harmful, like in the case of a medical condition called hypogonadism, which is the inability to produce testosterone sufficiently. These boosters can really jack it up, and we have to remember that males need testosterone in their system for muscle and bone strength, and even for their sexual drives or libido. So in a way, this is positive even for the women whose husbands use testosterone boosters, because erectile dysfunction can be addressed by these boosters too.

It is an equal share of both positive and negative for testosterone boosters we could see. In the end, it is how you use it that will determine if testosterone boosters will be harmful for you or not. But in a general opinion, I don’t really think it is that bad. It is just there are abusive people who use these in the wrong sense. Visit to know how use these body building supplement to get maximum result.

Tips for Stress Management

Stress has become among the most common complications that doctors are having to treat. This is because whether one likes it or not, stress is among the most inescapable complications that are there in the current world and this is even made worse by the fact that it affects virtually anyone and everyone. The bad situation does not stop there. There is no known cure for stress and that makes it quite disheartening for the patients. However, all hope is not lost and there is another way that one can be able to handle their stress levels and this is referred to stress management.  Go to www.getridofstress for more information.

Here are some tips that might come in handy.

The last thing that you want when you’re stressed is being alone in a room. This not only makes your mind concentrate more on the things that are causing you stress but you are also most likely to make the worst decisions in this state. The best thing to do is take a walk. This is even better if there is a park. It helps lift the claustrophobic feeling and also the fresh air does wonders.

The other main tip that you have to keep in mind during your stressful periods is that you have to keep a positive attitude. This is key to helping steer away from the bad decision that you might come up. As long as you have something positive to look out for you’re more likely to keep soldering on no matter how dire the situation is. The other benefit about having a positive attitude is that it forces your brain and mentality to try and think of solutions that are more productive and positive.

It also does great help to talk to someone. Keeping things to yourself can prove to be very harmful to the extent of one being suicidal. It is usually stated that a problem share is a problem halved. The person that you’re talking to does not have to be a professional. They can simply be a friend or a person that you can confide in just to give you support.

Laugh, laugh and laugh some more. This is among the full proof ways of getting your stress under management. You can hang around some of your very funny friends or if not, you can go to a comedy club. Simply anything to make you laugh. Not only does it help you to forget your problems for some time, it also does a great job in helping to boost your spirits.

While there may not a be a known cure for stress, these tips can come in handy in making sure that you’re able to manage your stress and if you’re able to do that, then you can be guaranteed that you’re on your road to recovery.

The Right Bodybuilding Supplements

In order to gain the right amount of muscles and bulk up there are different things you might want to consider. The sad truth is, nutrition as in a healthy diet – even though it is very important – is simply not enough. You may want to consider taking some supplements along with your diet, and in this article we will review some of them.

It is important that you live a healthy lifestyle, so you can improve your appearance significantly. You should watch to always eat the healthiest food you can. It is the only way to supply your body with enough nutrients. But if you want to get maximum benefits from your bodybuilding program, you need to start taking supplements for bodybuilding as well. Here are some useful supplements that are recommended for most people these days.

1. Anabolic steroids the healthy way

Even though steroids could be really dangerous and backfire on your bodybuilding efforts, there are many natural and healthy solutions you can use instead. Follow this link to find clen for sale. Great prices and good deals on bulking, strengthening packages too.

2. Creatine

This nutrient is one of the best products for building your muscles. Using this ingredient regularly, you can increase the production of insulin-like growth hormone (IGF) 1. This hormone is able to create anabolic effects in most people. You will also be able to improve your muscles strength and appearance. Bulky muscles would no longer be a problem for you with Creatine.

3. Protein powder

Another recommended product that you need to consider. Protein powder can improve the growth of your muscles. It is recommended that you take protein shakes before and after your exercises as well. Even though you can get a lot of good protein from lean meat, protein powder is something that can easily increase your protein intake and help build muscles faster. There are a lot of types of protein shakes available today. Make sure you chose the one you like the best, with one important thing to keep in mind: it should, of course, contain a high amount of protein. 

4. Glutamine

Not many people know about this supplement. However, it is one of the best supplements for bodybuilding. It can be used to improve your strength, especially when you want to build your muscles quickly. And it will help make your exercises longer in time. It can trigger the development of muscles properly, and is recommended by many bodybuilding experts because it stimulates muscle growth in the right way. Apart from that, glutamine can improve your immune system and your performance as well.

There are many more supplements but these were the most important ones. If you are unhappy with the ones you currently use, I recommend that you check and compare more products available on the market today. These always with their  benefits and features and the only thing you really need to do is to check wether they work for you. Don’t forget to read the ingredients of your favorite supplements. You want to use only those, that are made from safe and natural ingredients.

Bee Shamanism

Bee Shamanism

Bee pollen has numerous health benefits that can benefit you.  But did you know that bee pollen is not new.  Bees and humans have lived together in harmony for centuries and in numerous ancient cultures, including ancient Egypt, and China.

One fascinating aspect about bee pollen and bee related by-products is that they are only a small part of a larger bee culture.  On my search for information about bee pollen’s value as a food to the human body, I came across a book called “The Shamanic Way of the Bee, Ancient Wisdom and Healing Practices of the Bee Masters” by Simon Buxton, where he explains in his book the culture of Bee Shamanism.

What is Shamanism first of all?

According to Wikipedia:

“Shamanism is an anthropological term referencing a range of beliefs and practices regarding communication with the spiritual world.[2] In areas where indigenous shamanism still thrives, there is a clear divide between “lay” people (who participate in and practice shamanic belief and tradition) and the professionals or specialists themselves. A lay practitioner of shamanism is not awarded any special title, as this is the norm within traditional societies. (Participation in shamanic ritual does not make one a shaman, any more than participation in a Catholic Mass makes one a Bishop.) A shamanic professional, who is a highly-trained and very often spiritually selected individual, is sometimes known as a shaman”

What is Bee Shamanism then?

Bee Shamanism or “Path of the Pollen” as it is called by the Shamans who practice Bee Shamanism, is a spiritual culture with deep roots and connection with honeybee and it’s hives. When I was reading about Simon’s journey from being a regular person among people to becoming a student and eventually a master of the bee, it was a fascinating read.

Bee Shamanism although obscure and hidden from daily life, can be located in all parts of the world, Americas, Australia, Africa, and China. The Path of the Pollen is a part of a lineage of European shamanism and because of history, it has hardly been written about.  This has been astonishing to some scholars and professions, that such a rich and sophisticated and unfragmented shamanic tradition has survived into the 21st century without the church, or state noticing.

Simon as a young boy at the age of nine almost died because of a virus that attacked the brain called encephalitis.  He was saved by a Bee Master, a person who practice the art of Bee Shamanism or Path of the Pollen.

It was only years later, when Simon encountered his master Bridge that he realized that the old man who saved him from this virus was a Bee Master. One interesting note is that the man who saved his life was a german bee keeper, and there have been recent studies about german bee keepers and their long life.

Bridge, the Bee Master, explained to Simon :

“The Bee Master knows that no one species of animal has inspired so many people in so many ways as the humble honeybee.  No creature has had more literature devoted to it, a continuous honey flow, from Aristotle and Virgil down to our present day.  For thousands of years, men and women have worked with the bee with varying degrees of success, and during this long period we have come to treat this small creature with considerable respect, so much so that the bee is often used to represent purity, integrity, industry, and a host of other virtues.”

He goes on to say:

“They have been on the earth since the Cenozoic period, which is some fifty-five million years ago. And if we look at images from the civilizations of Old Europe, we discover that next to serpents, bees are the creatures most often depicted. They have certain things in common: both live in small, dark places, both carry venom, and both issue forth from the hole at certain seasons of the year. But whereas serpents might be depicted as symbols of either good or evil,bees were almost always regarded as beneficent.  Bees offer us the most beautiful example of community that we shall ever find; they have much to teach us in this regard. When nature has work to be done, she creates a genius to do it; the humble honeybee, our most ancient ally.”

There was one part in the book, where he and his master, Bridge, where he was “initiated” into the Path of the Pollen, where he (Simon) explained how he was going through in and out of consciousness living life as a Drone Worker Bee and a Human. According to him , it was a enlighten experience.  To me though it seemed, a bit extreme, because according to Simon, he was living in a 6 sided hexagonally basket, and living off bee pollen and water.

It was fascinating reading about this because it shows you that bee pollen and bee by-products such as propolis, and royal jelly are only the tip of the ice berg when it comes to healing and health benefits.

And what’s great is that you don’t have to be a Bee Shaman to benefit from these products, you just need to do your due diligence in finding the right company that produces the most highest quality bee pollen, and you will benefit from all the benefits of longevity with bee pollen.  After you try bee pollen, visit for another great supplement worth checking out.

Recommended Product

The product that I recommend to all my visitors and family members is Natural Energy NZ with Bee Pollen from Xtend-Life.  The raw bee pollen is sourced from the pristine New Zealand environment, where there is very little to no pollution.  Also, the bee pollen is freeze-dried immediately upon collection so that it keeps the bee pollen fresh.

Xtend-Life then pounds the bee pollen into a powder and mixes it with special enzymes to help the bee pollen’s nutrients to be absorbed by your body.  What you get is a bee pollen capsules that works, you will feel a difference in energy and vitality once you start taking it.



The Truth About Gynecomastia and How To Treat It

What is Gynecomastia? It is the unusual enlargement of the male breast tissue. It is also a word derived from two unique words; Gynae (woman) and mastos (breast).


Gynecomastia can be caused by a number of factors or reasons including the following, which enable you to understand what the condition really is. Please note that there are some other reasons beside the ones you will find below.

Increased Oestrogen levels

An increase in the level of oestrogen could lead to or cause Gynecomastia also known as man boobs. Examples of these could be the following; malnourishment, neoplasm producing human chorionic gonadotrophin, hermaphroditism, testicular tumours, hyperthyroidism, adrenal tumours, and liver diseases.

Pathological Causes

Man boobs can also be caused by some pathological reasons including trauma, renal failure, congenital absence of testes, castration, and androgen resistance.

Physiological Causes

Man boobs can also be caused by physiological conditions such as adolescence, advancement in age, and newborn.


Researchers have reported that about 20% of man boobs in adult is caused by drugs such as; contraceptives, antipsychotic, and many more.




One of the problems this condition can cause is erode your confidence, and affect the way you relate with people in the public. It doesn’t allow you to wear the type of clothes you feel like; and that can be really terrible. Not until recent time, man boobs could only be treated surgically, which could cost as high as $8,500. Now this is quite intimidating because only a very few people can afford such a high figure. What makes it even worse is the fact that insurance firms consider it as cosmetics, and may not provide any financial aid.

That aside, there is also the issue of a possible side effect, including the fact that one or two things could go wrong in the process.

Introducing Gynexin

Can’t afford surgery? Worried about the possible side effects of surgery including scar? Then there is no need to worry as Gynexin is one of the best non-surgical means to tackle man boobs. It is a product that has the most clinically tested blend of ingredients to deal with the condition.

It is the very best you can find in terms of non-surgical and harmful way to treat Gynecomastia. It works by reducing the sizes as well as the quantity of cells. It doesn’t have any side effect, and is the most affordable treatment you can find.

Ноw tо Gаіn Мusсlе аnd Lоsе Fаt аt thе Ѕаmе Тіmе

Іn bоdуbuіldіng, thеrе іs а соmmоn bеlіеf thаt іt іs іmроssіblе tо gаіn musсlе аnd lоsе fаt аt thе sаmе tіmе. Маnу bоdуbuіldеrs bеlіеvе thаt уоu shоuld оnlу fосus оn оnе оf thеsе gоаls. Еіthеr lоsе fаt bу dоіng lоаds оf саrdіо аnd drорріng уоur саlоrіеs bу 500, оr еlsе еаt 500 саlоrіеs mоrе thаn nоrmаl аnd stаrt lіftіng wеіghts tо gаіn musсlе.


bodybuilder woman


Ноwеvеr, nеіthеr оf thеsе gоаls іs tоtаllу іdеаl. Іf уоu lоsе fаt bу сuttіng уоur саlоrіс іntаkе аnd dоіng lоаds оf саrdіо, уоu wіll рrоduсе а bоdу thаt іs thіnnеr thаn bеfоrе but nоt vіsuаllу арреаlіng. Yоu wіll sіmрlу bе а smаllеr vеrsіоn оf whаt уоu wеrе іn thе bеgіnnіng. Gаіnіng musсlе mеаns еаtіng mоrе fооd but thаt оftеn mеаns рuttіng оn sоmе fаt, tоо. Lіftіng wеіghts whіlе еаtіng lіkе thаt wіll рrоduсе а а muсh mоrе musсulаr frаmе but wіth рuffу, blоаtеd-lооkіng musсlеs аnd а stосkу frаmе thаt іs аlsо nоt whаt mоst реорlе аrе lооkіng fоr.

Тhе vаst mајоrіtу оf реорlе whо hіt thе gуm tо trаnsfоrm thеіr bоdіеs, оthеr thаn thе sеrіоus mеаthеаds whо wаnt tо bе thе nехt Ѕсhwаrzеnеggеr, аrе реорlе whо аrе lооkіng tо сrеаtе thе hоt, sеху, “GQ mоdеl” lооk, wіth wеll-dеvеlореd but rеаsоnаblу-sіzеd musсlеs, а sіх-расk аnd а hаrd, lеаn арреаrаnсе, sо thаt thе musсlеs lооk аngulаr аnd “сut”, аs thоugh уоu wеrе а dіаgrаm оf thе humаn musсulаturе. Тhіs арреаrаnсе іs nоt сrеаtеd bу fоllоwіng еіthеr оf thе ріесеs оf аdvісе gіvеn аbоvе fоr buіldіng musсlе оr lоsіng fаt.

Тhе sесrеt tо сrеаtіng thіs lооk іs tо fоllоw а рrоgrаm thаt еmрhаsіzеs thrее stаgеs -

1/ Неаvу trаіnіng thаt gеts уоu strоng

2/ Мusсlе buіldіng wоrk tо іnсrеаsе sіzе

3/ Меtаbоlіс burstіng, НІІТ аnd stеаdу-stаtе саrdіо tо burn fаt

Dо аll thrее оf thеsе іn ТНАТ оrdеr аnd уоu wіll рrоduсе thаt “GQ” bоdу. Lеt’s gо іntо dеtаіls nоw!

1/ Неаvу trаіnіng – sреnd аt lеаst thе fіrst mоnth рushіng аnd рullіng sоmе sеrіоus wеіght. Fосus оn іntеnsіtу (hоw muсh wеіght) аnd vоlumе (hоw mаnу sеts). І wоuld rесоmmеnd 5 sеts оf 5 rерs аt а mіnіmum оf 80% оf уоur 1-rер mах. Yоu саn dо sоmе ехеrсіsеs аt а hіghеr numbеr оf rерs tо іnсrеаsе sіzе а lіttlе bіt but mаkе surе thаt уоu sреnd mоst оf уоur tіmе gеttіng strоng. Іnсrеаsе thе wеіght bу 20% еасh wееk іf уоu саn. Јust dо а lіttlе саrdіо іf уоu must (fоr ехаmрlе, іf уоu аrе sеrіоuslу оvеrwеіght). Fосus оn thе trаdіtіоnаl hеаvу соmроund ехеrсіsеs thаt trаіn thе whоlе bоdу – рull-uрs, рush-uрs, рull-dоwns, squаts, dеаdlіfts, bеnсh рrеssеs, rоws аnd lungеs.

2/ Тrаіnіng fоr sіzе – sреnd thе sесоnd mоnth fосusіng оn іnсrеаsіng thе sіzе оf уоur musсlеs. Еаsе оff оn thе hеаvу trаіnіng bу rеduсіng іt tо nо mоrе thаn 20% оf уоur tіmе аt thе gуm. Іnсrеаsе rерs tо 8-12 аnd dесrеаsе sеts tо 3-4 mах. Dесrеаsе wеіghts tо 60% оf уоur 1-rер mах. Ѕuреr-sеt uрреr аnd lоwеr bоdу ехеrсіsеs tо mахіmіzе еffісіеnt usе оf tіmе аnd rеgаrd thе tіmе whеn уоu аrе ехеrсіsіng уоur lоwеr bоdу аs а rеst реrіоd fоr уоur uрреr bоdу m(аnd vісе vеrsа). Міnіmіzе rеst реrіоds оvеrаll tо іnсrеаsе thе wоrklоаd оn thе bоdу. Yоu саn іnсоrроrаtе mоrе іsоlаtіоn ехеrсіsеs іntо уоur rоutіnе, suсh аs bісер сurls, рес-dес mасhіnе аnd оthеr, mоrе “wussу” ехеrсіsеs. Ѕlеер аt lеаst 8 hоurs а nіght tо mахіmіzе musсlе rесоvеrу аnd grоwth. Таkе аt lеаst 2 rеst dауs а wееk. Drіnk рlеntу оf wаtеr tо flush оut lасtіс асіd.

3/ Саrdіо – іn thе thіrd mоnth, fосus mоrе оn fаt lоss. Ѕtаrt сіrсuіt trаіnіng bу dоіng “hеаvу” ехеrсіsеs lіkе рull-uрs, рush-uрs, рull-dоwns, squаts, dеаdlіfts, bеnсh рrеssеs, rоws аnd lungеs аt hіgh rер rаngеs wіth аbsоlutеlу mіnіmаl rеst реrіоds wіth lіghtеr wеіghts. Dо аll 8 оf thеsе ехеrсіsеs іn оnе сіrсuіt аnd fосus оn trуіng tо соmрlеtе аt lеаst 3 сіrсuіts іn оnе gуm sеssіоn. Тhеn hіt thе trеаdmіll оr stаtіоnаrу bіkе. Реrfоrm а 5-mіnutе wаrm-uр аt 60% оf уоur mахіmum іntеnsіtу, thеn dо mеtаbоlіс burstіng wіth а Таbаtа Рrоtосоl оf 2о sесоnds аt а mіnіmum оf 90% іntеnsіtу, fоllоwеd bу 10 sесоnds аt 60% іntеnsіtу. Rереаt thіs 30-sесоnd рrосеss аt lеаst 10 tіmеs (gіvіng уоu 5 mіnutеs оf burstіng). Fоllоw thіs wіth Ніgh Іntеnsіtу Іntеrvаl Тrаіnіng (НІІТ) bу реrfоrmіng 2 mіnutеs аt 80% іntеnsіtу аnd 1 mіnutе аt 60% іntеnsіtу. Dо thіs 3 tіmеs (9 mіnutеs tоtаl). Тhеn реrfоrm stеаdу-stаtе саrdіо fоr 10 mіnutеs аt 60% іntеnsіtу, thеn а 1-mіnutе сооl-dоwn аt 50%. Тhіs gіvеs уоu а 25-mіnutе саrdіо rоutіnе tо bеgіn wіth. Тhе mеtаbоlіс burstіng іs аnаеrоbіс, mеаnіng thаt іt tаkеs рlасе “іn thе аbsеnсе оf охуgеn”, whісh fоrсеs уоur bоdу tо gо tо іts fаt stоrеs tо gіvе уоu thе еnеrgу tо соmрlеtе thе ехеrсіsе. Тhе НІІТ, thеn mоvеs thе fаt іntо thе blооd strеаm, whеrе іt іs аvаіlаblе tо gіvе соnstаnt suррlіеs tо thе bоdу durіng thе lоngеr hіgh-іntеnsіtу 2-mіn sеssіоns. Fіnаllу, thе stеаdу-stаtе mоvеs thе fаt frоm thе blооd іntо thе kіdnеуs. Drіnk рlеntу оf wаtеr. Тhіs wіll flush оut thе fаt frоm thе kіdnеуs іntо thе blаddеr. Whеn уоu urіnаtе, іt wіll mоvе оut оf thе bоdу аnd bе gоnе! Аs thе mоnth соntіnuеs, іnсrеаsе burstіng tо 20 tіmеs (10 mіnutеs), НІІТ tо 5 tіmеs (15 mіnutеs) but kеер stеаdу-stаtе аt 10 mіnutеs. Wіth а thrее-mіnutе wаrm-uр аnd twо-mіnutе сооl-dоwn, thаt gіvеs уоu а 40-mіnutеs wоrkоut tо аіm fоr bу thе еnd оf thе mоnth.

Dо аll thіs аnd уоu wіll gеt thе hоt bоdу оf уоur drеаms!

Hair Loss Treatment

Millions of people across the world suffer from hair loss disease. Majority of these people never bother to find treatment for their conditions. The reason being, some do not believe that there is known treatment for the condition, or just assume that it is normal to become bald or can’t afford to buy hair loss treatment products.

Thinning HairThe loss of hair can be due to hereditary reasons, an ailment or hormonal troubles. The hormone, androgen is known to cause hair loss in men. It causes the hair to grow irregularly or fail to grow at some parts. At times, it may be embarrassing and worrying to loss hair especially at your early twenties. Therefore, taking precautions can help you avoid losing your hair and regain the lost hair. In the past, people with this condition, resolve to shaving. Presently, there are other alternatives to deal with the problems, thanks to technological advancement. Hair loss treatment can now be done with simple procedures.

Treatment products

The current market boasts to provide hair loss treatment products, thanks to the advancement in science and medicine. It is now quite simple to deal with the condition than before. You only need to visit your medical doctor to establish the main cause of the thinning. Upon which, he will guide you on the best medication to undergo and product to use. There are only two hair loss products approved by FDA. These are Minoxidil and Rogaine. The two products have been tested and approved to be effective. With these products, you expect to get quick results on your condition.


Though many people assume this, your diet may greatly affect your hair loss. Food with high content of fats is known to facilitate the loss of hair. On the other hand, foods rich in protein, iron, minerals and vitamins are known to reduce the hair loss and encourage hair re-growth. Food rich in protein should dominate your diet since protein helps the body to repair including the hair. In addition, omega 3 is also known to improve the hair loss condition.

Manage Stress and Anxiety

The researchers and experts in hair growth believe that stress and anxiety can cause hair loss. Too much stress can lead to loss of hair and even baldness. The latest studies show that the stress can cause premature graying of hair. Eliminating stress completely is not easy; however, try to avoid it by engaging in anti-stress activities such as meditation or yoga.

Can You Expect Garcinia Cambogia Extract To Help You Lose Weight?

Most people know that obesity is a major problem in our society and if you have spent any time on TV lately, you have probably seen the evidence yourself. People really do pay attention, when a product comes onto the market that offers a real solution to the weight problem that many people have. Garcinia Cambogia has come to the public eye as a legitimate product that can solve the problem of obesity and overweight, in a safe and well endorsed manner for everyone. The following shows information about how the product works, and why it is so popular right about now.

What have the experts said about Garcinia Cambogia?

This product appeared on some of the medical programs of the major networks and was demonstrated as possibly being the number one medical weight loss product. The reason is that it helps your body burn fat and create energy, even when you are resting and not doing anything at all. It is also a remarkable appetite suppressant which is certainly something that many people have a great need for.

One expert has said that garcinia cambogia mexico Extract may be the one simple solution that many people have been searching for.

Why is this Garcinia Cambogia Different From All The Other Products?

This product has been hailed as one of the best form of diet pills that exist, but it is very different from many other diet pills because it burns fat by the usage of an ingredient called “hydroxycitric acid, which is a natural part of the pill itself. The extract comes from the Tamarind fruit, which is loaded with antioxidants. It helps to lower the cholesterol, fights disease, fights aging and disease, and helps you to lose weight without dieting or exercising.

One feature that attracts a lot of people is the appetite suppression quality of the product. Usually, when you go on a diet, you are hungry all of the time. Garcinia Cambogia will help you to prevent that feeling, as all you have to do is take your pill about half an hour before you eat.

Is This Right For You As a diet Product?

For the sake of safety, you should always speak with a doctor before going on any new diet, but if you have seen the shows on TV about the product, and you are serious about shedding some pounds, then this product is something that your should seriously think about. The product can be purchased in most health food stores, or purchased online. You should buy a product that has a Garcinia Cambogia content of at least 60% if not more, of the pure extract.

At any rate it won’t hurt you to try the product, and if you do, you will see how the product works first hand. Then you will be able to testify on your own as to how the product works for you.